Hettena Brothers

Cinema Diana
The Hettena Brothers were one of the biggest and best building contractors in and around Cairo during the 1930s, the decade known as “Belle Epoque.”

The Hettena Brothers pioneered construction methods that allowed heavy concrete structures to stand firmly in Cairo's loose soils. They were among the first to introduce reinforced concrete in Cairo around the turn of the 20th century. But they were better known for introducing Simplex concrete piles, formed by driving a steel shell with a specially designed point into the ground and filling the hole with concrete as the shell is withdrawn. The Hettena Brothers distributed the Simplex system throughout Egypt, Palestine and Sudan.

Much of their work involved homes and villas. One notable exception is the Cinema Diana, still showing movies in Cairo, that was built by the Hettena Brothers. Also this 1933 advertisement by Hettena Brothers states that the company built the Exhibition Hall of the Royal Society of Agriculture as well as Cairo University's Faculty of Law building, Faculty of Arts building and the old university library.

Unless indicated, the following list of buildings was compiled by author Samir Rafaat at his site egy.com.
*Source: La Bourse Egyptienne, 1933s

Buildings Constructed by the Hettena Brothers in Cairo

Client Address Architect
Evangel Avramoussi Building 9 al-Kamel Mohamed Street George Calligopoulo
Exhibition Hall* Royal Society of Agriculture Unknown
Faculty of Arts* Cairo University Unknown
Faculty of Law* Cairo University Unknown
Library* Cairo University Unknown
Sayed Mohamed Wabour Fransawi Caligopoulo
Gerogalas Freres Madbouli Catacouzinos
S. SarpakisMidan IsmaliaCatacouzinos
Osman Naghuib Bey Giza Farag Amine
Emmanuel Appel Heliopolis, Rue Tanta Henri J. Fresco
Chaker Khayatt Gezira/Zamalek Max Edrei
Mohamed Shahin Pasha Sheikh Hamza Max Edrei
Mitarachis Zaki Michalitzanos
L. Shaldjian Soliman Pasha Nafilyan/Nahas
Sayed Ali Sallam Emir Farouk Neaman Cherif
Ali Sadek Bey Dokki Romolo Giraldini
A. Monti Reine Nazli Ave Scognamiglio
Egyptian Judiciary (Judge's Club)1 Unknown Unknown
Faika Effat Choubra Avenue Socrate Apostolidis
Chawarby Pasha Avenue Fouad Alexander Loria
Homsy Tewfikieh Midan Marco Olivetti
Hettena Manakh Max Edrei
Cinema Diana Alfy Bey Unknown
Shell House Cherifein Unknown
Hamed Sirry Bey Dokki Unknown
Ibrahim Diwani Bey Dokki Unknown
Mahdy & Mohsen Mishki Emir Farouk Midan Unknown
Salem Bagneid Emir Farouk Midan Unknown
Mohammed Bidair Bey Gezira/Zamalek Unknown
Eliakim & Levy Giza Unknown
Mohamed Rouchdi Bey Giza Unknown
Zaki Ibrachi Pasha Giza Unknown
Sasson Shohet Heliopolis, Blvd. Ismail Unknown
Neemat Cherif Kasr al-Aini Unknown
Menashe Meyer Maghraby Unknown
Aquilina & Louza Manakh Unknown
Massouda baroukh Manakh Unknown
Zeinab Cherif Manial al-Roda Unknown
Abdel Malek Hanna Midan Ismailia Unknown
Ahmed Ihsan Bey Midan Ismailia Unknown
Averino Mouillard Unknown
Aghababa Soliman Pasha Unknown
Bertolisi & Taverna Soliman Pasha Unknown
Cozzika Soliman Pasha Unknown
Hussein Issa Soliman Pasha Midan Unknown
Margoliasch Tewfikieh Midan Unknown

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